Supplying you with quality parts and materials for the installation of septic systems
 in Ontario and the landscaping supplies required to complete your project
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                    ROTH TANKS (FORMERLY FRALO)

                         INFILTRATOR IM TANKS

• Lightweight plastic construction allows for easy storage and delivery
• Reinforced lid and access ports
• Can be pumped dry during pump-outs, can be installed with 6 to 48 inches of soil cover

                            EQUINOX TANKS

Tanks range in sizes from 10 Imp. gallons to 5,000 Imp. gallons. Our polyethylene tanks are manufactured with premium 100% low density virgin polyethylene, which is approved for the storage of potable water. Our Wastewater tanks are all CSA approved.

We always have in stock a large quantity of tanks for sewage and water ,our septic  tanks are csa approved

The Plastic tanks that we carry are unlike the plastic tanks you may have used in the past they are much stronger and don’t require water to backfill we have the lowest Profile and strongest tanks on the market.They also have many advantages over concrete

Plastic septic tanks are very resistant to cracking and corrosion unlike concrete,and won’t be affected by sewage gases and acids in the soil, Rusting is a non-issue, can be handled without special equipment,

much easier installation no need for a crane truck , Plastic septic tanks can be water-tight, If damage occurs (while very unlikely) most plastic tank’s can be repaired (we may be able to repair your old tank at our location using our plastic welder)