Supplying you with quality parts and materials for the installation of septic systems
 in Ontario and the landscaping supplies required to complete your project
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Steel Culvert’s

We stock steel culverts 1.6mm Gauge

6 inches(150mm) to 12”(300mm) in 6m lengths ,12” is also in (7m)

16”(400mm) to 24”(600m) in 7m, 8m and 9m lengths

They can be cut for you if you call ahead

Couplers  are in stock

We can order in larger diameters  and lengths


We Stock Hdpe Culverts 320Kpa

4”(100mm) to 24”(600mm) in diameter

All in 20ft(6m) Lengths

We do carry some longer lengths and can cut them for you if shorter pieces are needed

Larger sizes can be ordered in

Couplers are in stock

We have elbows ,T’s for the Hdpe culverts,

Fittings can be custom made and welded to  hdpe culverts